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Yolande Coent-Margerit is patient as she tells me of the changes already made and yet to come at the 18th-century Chateau de Pommard. Her day is stuffed with Skype conferences and hurried reviews of marketing schemes and upcoming art shows and other events, but the 300,000 bottles of aging red wine are unaware of any [...]

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I have always been hospitable to our neighbors from Michigan (except on football weekends), so when my New Buffalo hosts invited me to a Berrien County winery specializing in dry wines, I went without hesitation. We drove past blueberry farms and apple and apricot orchards just beginning to blossom when suddenly we approached vineyards, still naked [...]

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I first got the idea in a pub on the Isle of Wight around 1960. One wall behind the beer pumps was covered with the ends of wooden cases of Scotch Whiskey, each end containing the burnt-in names of a distillery. Two walls in the lounge were papered with wine labels. Right then I thought [...]

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