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wine o’clock, n: the appropriate time to start drinking wine. So says the foremost arbiter of the English language — the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Just about everybody everywhere who enjoys a fine drink is familiar with the expression “It’s five o’clock somewhere in the world,” as reason to pull a cork or get out the [...]

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It probably really isn’t necessary to remind folks that heat is harmful to wine. Nor is it probably necessary to remind folks that small towns across the American Heartland usually do not have restaurants that offer palatable selections of wine with their menus. Having just made another car trip across the middle of our country [...]

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When the Cold War Army drafted me into basic training in the southern slopes of the Ozarks, wine never crossed my mind. To me back then, the mountain slopes offered humidity, thunder storms, mosquitoes, snakes, and angry sergeants disgusted with the slow pace at which I developed into a soldier. Arkansas was to be endured; [...]

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