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On my first visit to Chateau Ausone in Bordeaux, a vineyard manager told me that “It’s crazy to grow grapes outside.” Those words, in April of 1976, rang very true these past two days as news of the freezing temperatures in the Loire Valley kept coming. The vineyard manager back then was talking about just such […]

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Every once in a while I regret not paying much attention to the wines of South America. I don’t particularly like their being described as “New World,” because wines have been produced in Argentina and Chile since the mid sixteenth century. One reason I largely overlook them, I suspect, is that I have never made […]

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I met Jean-Paul Mette at a trade show in Colmar in the early 1970s. He had set up a pot still in a corner of the food hall and was showing all who paused how he creates those crystal clear brandies that made him famous. He looked as if he had come directly from central casting […]

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