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Once there was an airline whose slogan was “Getting there is half the fun.” Not true anymore (if ever it was) for air travel, but it does apply for planning a trip to wine country. Two months from today I head west for another intensive look at a few wineries and hope for more story-worthy [...]

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You know it’s a very good friend indeed who would bring a 32-year-old premier grand cru St-Emilion to your dinner table all the way from Florida. Chateau Cheval Blanc has long been recognized as one of only two very top tier wines in the St-Emilion appellation (The other is Chateau Ausone.) The bottle we opened [...]

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One of those news stories that’s easily overlooked because it’s buried in more dramatic stuff caught my eye the other day. It originated in the London TELEGRAPH and reported that a French hospital in Clermont-Ferrand had opened a wine bar for terminally ill patients. At first this didn’t strike me as real news because over [...]

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