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Of course I have heard about the class action law suit claiming there is too much arsenic in too many wines, especially low-cost wines. Of course I do not possess the knowledge required to determine the merits of the suit. I know that it’s not uncommon for law suits to take place in America. I [...]

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A beautiful full-color booklet recently arrived in my mailbox and it tells me anything I could ever want to know about the world’s most glamorous wine. I don’t know how available it is, but it caused me to visit which contains much of the text and most of the photos in the booklet plus [...]

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During my tour of the Spring Training baseball camps last week, I had an opportunity to stand near a Seattle Mariners pitcher warming up. Though I could look directly at his catcher, I soon realized that I could not really track his pitch all the way to the plate. Throughout my stay in cactus country, [...]

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