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A German colleague and his wife fast for one month every year. They exist on liquids and broths to, among other things, control their weight. Among the other things is a belief that such abstention purges the body of undesirable fluids and wastes — plus bringing renewed freshness to the tastes of food and wine [...]

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Vocabulary becomes a challenge for those of us who write frequently about the same subject. How many ways, for example, can you describe wine without using the same words over and over. I suspect sports writers have the same problem. How many players can be “awesome” or “athletic”? How many wines can be “austere” or [...]

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If you ever thought that white wine just doesn’t keep, think again. In the old hospital cellars in Strasbourg, there is a barrel of the 1472 vintage wine. I don’t know the grape; I know only that it’s white. Still white, as a leak in the barrel has recently revealed. The barrel started leaking almost [...]

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