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We had dragged it with us from the Pont de Gard to the Costa Brava to Paris to Montreal and cross country from there. It was one of those heavy, thick bottles that are useful only to make you think that the wine is really special but which only adds to the cost rather than […]

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Because of a piece in, I found myself in a discussion earlier this week about “luxury” wine. The only consensus reached was that a definition is well nigh impossible. As with cars and clothing, one person’s luxury is another’s modesty. At the business end, the price structure looked like this: $50 – $99 = […]

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Several years ago in the Cotswolds, an English host asked me to identify a glass of white wine. It was easy to see that it was a Riesling, and he chuckled when I suggested it was a Rheingau. “North of there,” he said. While I was trying to think of Riesling vineyards more northerly than […]

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