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In her Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson calls Santenay a “forgotten” village. She may be right, but I have never forgotten it because its northernmost sign post was my turn-around point in my jogging days. I would follow the vineyard paths from Puligny to Chassagne and the Departmental Highway from there to Santenay. It [...]

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One cause of my tearing up this time of year is thinking of Strasbourg. Always one of the most beautiful of cities, its dress is at its finest during the Christkindelsmarik when every house, every business, every church, every street lights up the oldest Christmas Market in Europe. Started in a.d. 1570, this market resulted [...]

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At dinner the other night, a guest said he doesn’t know if the wines he likes are really good wines because he doesn’t know how to assess them; he just drinks what he likes “Good,” I said, ” you have resolved the first issue in appreciating wine. You drink it and you use it.” Liking [...]

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