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In the spring of 1972 I followed an intriguing sign pointing along a cul-de-sac off the Boulevard Madeleine to l’Academie du Vin. The Academy was in a non-descript building either adjacent to or part of a wine shop named Caves Madeleine. While the building had some age on it, the wine shop was new, the […]

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To wine lovers of a certain age, Morley Safer’s death calls up memories of the famed “French Paradox,” made known to Americans on CBS “Sixty Minutes.” When that show aired in 1991, Americans were consumed with preventing heart attacks and discovering that exercise is really good for us. It was also a time when Julia […]

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Be on the lookout for Purple Heart Wines. The first bottling — a 2013 Merlot from the C Mondavi Vineyards was released last month and is dedicated to the Purple Heart Foundation as a way of the Mondavis to aid families of Veterans who have been wounded in combat. It’s a collaboration between Vietnam Veteran […]

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