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As we approach Inauguration Day 2017, I recall the heat James Buchanan got when the public learned the wine expenditures for his Inauguration approached $3,000, though his party and parade were also hailed as the “most glorious ever.” That price tag seemed enormous at the time — 1856 — but it undoubtedly won’t come close to […]

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» 1 Comment on April in Paris   |   Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:07 pm

April in Paris. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it. Especially when you throw in Champagne and Burgundy. And especially when you think it all has to do with wine and food. We don’t promote tours in these pages, but what I’m suggesting sounds somewhat like a tour. So maybe it is. But it’s so personal, so unique […]

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Last month when recalling the Pilgrims’ need for beer, I decided to delve more deeply into America’s love of strong drink and found a gem of a book: Drinking in America by Susan Cheever in 2015, published by 12Books. The lady has shown that many pivotal decisions in our nation’s past have been influenced by […]

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