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After two years of intensive research, Ben-Gurion University staffers told us what many of us already knew — or at least wanted to know. Those who drink wine every day have more beneficial levels of good cholesterol than those who don’t and better metabolism. They also sleep better. So there. Enough said. The 224 participants […]

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It’s early for New Year’s resolutions, so I’ll just call this a resolution. I shall drink more Zinfandel in the future. It isn’t that I don’t care for the grape, it’s just that I have never had proper opportunities to experience it. Most of my wine teeth were cut in Europe. And it was in […]

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Almost in jest last week, I asked a Total Wine manager if he ever stocked a red Burgundy for under $25. With a surprised look on his face, he led me to a shelf awash in the Burgundies I have known and loved for years but no longer afford. Proudly he pointed to a bin […]

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