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At the risk of appearing a bit snobbish or at least hypercritical, I am going to find fault with a couple of wine scenes in recent televised commercials. One is for an investment company showing a happy retired couple enjoying dinner in an up-scale restaurant, both gripping a glass of wine in their fists as […]

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Franken Wein ist kranken Wein was the first lesson I learned about wine, quite probably the first thing I learned about any wine. It means that the wines of the German state of¬†Franconia are good for sick people because of their medicinal properties. They are grown and produced along the Main River near Wurzburg, the […]

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There are occasions, though not many, when wine just isn’t appropriate, even on birthdays. Normally my summer-time birthday includes an afternoon pastis, a flute of Champagne before dinner, and a properly cooled Riesling or Chablis with dinner. Last week my birthday found me at Coors Field to watch the Cubs. I am not a johnnie-come-lately […]

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