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In the summer of 1984 I was a guest at dinner of a lady in Bavaria who had been part of a group I had led through the Champagne country in 1969. During that visit, several of us bought Vintage 1964 Champagne at Domaine Couvreur because Madam Couvreur explained it was a fine vintage with [...]

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Over the years I have become accustomed to the failure of initiatives to make possible private shipping of wine from place to place. I actually served as a lobbyist for a time attempting to convince legislators that allowing producers to ship wine directly to consumers would not result in a falling of the sky. That’s [...]

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The other day, annoyed with extreme heat, exceptional fatigue from several back-to-back meetings, and perhaps with the indiscretions of the evening before, I turned to one of my standard remedies. A cool bottle of Riesling from Albert Schweitzer’s birth village of Kaysersberg astride the Fecht River a few miles west of Colmar. I don’t know [...]

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