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This may be more of a health care tale than a wine story, but certainly both subjects are addressed. Triggered by a delightful Rabiotte rose from the Coteaux d’Aix en Provence a few days ago, my thoughts went back to Christmas Eve 1958. My new wife and I were on our first visit to Provence [...]

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Anyone who has accumulated a collection of wines is undoubtedly going to experience a pleasant surprise every once in a while by noticing a bottle almost forgotten. Subconsciously we know it’s there, but we just haven’t thought about it for a while. So it was with me earlier this month. Hot weather and problems with [...]

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I learned to spell Cincinnati as a childhood baseball fan of the Chicago Cubs. Even before television, I knew how many n’s and t’s go into the name and where to put them. By age 7, I could spell cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and Brooklyn. The baseball teams, I knew; the dining scene I [...]

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