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It may not do you any good to rush out to get it because it’s already sold out and the announcement about it has barely hit the market place. The day I read about it — last week — I also learned that dealers cannot keep it in stock. What is it? A wine book, […]

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Climate change may be a hoax to certain politicians, but as we have been writing for several years, most wine producers are convinced that ripening times are occurring earlier and earlier every summer. The latest word came this week from Stuttgart where Dr. Monika Christmann told the German Wine Growers Association, of which she is […]

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I have written often about discovering the wines of Luc Pirlet while driving mostly lost in the Cathar country southwest of Carcassonne. Early on I was seeking Syrahs and Grenache-based wines and came across Malbecs. I was smitten with the wild country known as Corbieres covered with desert-like mesas and cut by steep, narrow canyons […]

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