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Il nous faut sillon qui porte La promesse d’un vin nouveau. Yes,  these words from the 1952 Extrait del’Almanach du Beaujolais remind of the necessity of the promise of new wine, especially wine from Beaujolais. I ran across the Almanac in reading a history of Beaujolais by Jean-Jacques Pignard whose family produced the village Beaujolais I had [...]

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Life has never been easy for the wine producers of the Mosel Valley. Their vines grow on the steepest slopes in the wine world, so steep that part of the grower’s regular duties include carrying by hand the heavy stones from the lower rows of vines back to the upper rows because of constant sliding. [...]

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Some thirty years ago, while walking together around the old riverside streets of Strasbourg, Robert Mondavi told me he hoped to make a red wine ready for drinking when bottled but which would also age 30 or more years. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to experience any of the great man’s wines at [...]

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