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With fall bringing the first evening chill to my patio, I took inventory of the brandies on hand just to be sure I am prepared for cold weather. I do not use brandy often, but I do enjoy it on those occasions when I feel it appropriate. I found a couple bottles of Armagnac (said […]

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» No comments   |   Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 12:54 pm

When I first started traveling around the Paso Robles wine region several years ago, lured out there by French-connected Tablas Creek and l’Aventure because of their Rhone style wines, I was becoming aware of the “Rhone Ranger” movement in California. During my last couple of visits, however, including last fall, I found I was tasting more […]

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It’s wine harvest time north of the Equator, the time when thousands of people strain their backs, endure hot sun or cold rain, trudge in the mud, climb steep hills, and toil from sun up to sun down to make sure we get our wines for another year. And as we sip those wines, we […]

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