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You know his wines,especially in every late November when the New Beaujolais is released. But you see his wines year round, no matter where you are or where you go. Georges Duboeuf is synonymous with Beaujolais. But you probably don’t know about his Hameau en Beaujolais. This 30,000 square meters of Disneyesque construction superimposed on [...]

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Though I will be spending most of today involved in Memorial Day ceremonies — even being in a parade — I have not forgotten that some have designated May 25 as either International Wine Day or National Wine Day. Neither should be confused with International Drink Wine Day, always held in February, usually on the [...]

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Though I have been these past four weeks treading the vineyards of France, I have not forgotten my roots and am proud of what Hoosiers have done with wine production in recent decades (less proud of what our General Assembly has done for the wine industry), and I call attention to the 16th annual Vintage [...]

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