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This morning a receipt fell out of one of my old wine logs. It was dated April, 1968 — the day was blurred, but it was from the Hostellerie de l’Ange, a restaurant my wife and I frequented for more than twenty years and made the cornerstone of several of our books. The Ange (Angel) is in [...]

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99 degrees in Death Valley. 7,000 feet above sea level in Sequoia National Park. Up and down in Zion National Park. It had traveled from Albuquerque to Santa Barbara across the Mojave Desert and started back East past the Funeral Mountains. At Lake Powell, it was delicious. I don’t suppose the Pignards ever thought one [...]

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Il nous faut sillon qui porte La promesse d’un vin nouveau. Yes,  these words from the 1952 Extrait del’Almanach du Beaujolais remind of the necessity of the promise of new wine, especially wine from Beaujolais. I ran across the Almanac in reading a history of Beaujolais by Jean-Jacques Pignard whose family produced the village Beaujolais I had [...]

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