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You know it’s more than the wine when you have to pass an enormous bronze boar to enter Eberle Winery. Especially when Gary Eberle himself is at the door, looking every bit ready to rejoin the Penn State football team for which he starred many years ago. The boar symbolizes the Eberle name as it […]

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Keeping up with my current theme of More than the Wine, I recall an unexpected stop in Chateauneuf-du-Pape almost thirty years ago on a very hot summer’s day because I saw a man watering a flower garden near a driveway bearing a winery sign. I was alone and asked about a tasting. Cordially he escorted […]

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As we drove up to Denner Vineyards, Rick said “wow, they’ve invested some real money in this place.” Rick Hofstetter owns the 19th-century Story Inn in southern Indiana and knows about designing and maintaining property. As it turned out, we learned that Ron Denner is an architect and designed his winery to fit into the […]

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