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Just when we thought the worst part of the 6.0 Napa Valley quake was over, the news of one casualty came on Friday, September 12. A 65 year old woman who had been knocked unconscious by a falling television, died from her injuries, which hadn’t seemed life-threatening until her headaches became unbearable a few days [...]

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Season 5 of Downton Abbey is ready to be aired in England on September 21st, but we Americans unfortunately have to wait until January to get our Downton fix. HOWEVER, we can at least console ourselves with Downton Abbey Wine, which, the website informs us is made “honouring those same wine-making traditions” that the Downton [...]

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Be ready to have your world rocked, Bloomington shoppers! The Eastside Bloomington Kroger’s store on College Mall Avenue has expanded–making this the largest Kroger’s store in Indiana, and, along with that, the new liquor department is the largest of any of their stores, as well. Not only is this big, it is also very well [...]

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