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I know, I know. I love my chardonnay so much, this might as well be a chardonnay blog. But when I recently came across a variety of wine marked “unoaked chardonnay,” I couldn’t resist trying it — you know, for research purposes. I’ve previously written about the flavor journey that chardonnay takes me on, and part of that journey is an oak-like finish. As you might expect, unoaked chardonnay does not have that finish. I read a little about it, and found that unoaked chardonnay is made from the same grapes, but fermented in stainless steel. This definitely affected my enjoyment. I didn’t realize that the finish was so important to me, but unoaked chardonnay, though enjoyable, is certainly not my favorite variety. The sweeter, gentler finish doesn’t suit my taste, but would probably please folks who steer clear of drier white wines.

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best australian wine   |   July 6th, 2012 at 12:57 am    

This one is new to me, hence my intrigue goes with it. I would like to try this one for myself.