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Where was I–oh, yes–fatty bacon!

I went back to visit Louis Calli at Big Red Liquors to take him up on his offer of a wine with a “fatty bacon” descriptor. To be honest, bacon was always a favorite food of mine, before I became a vegetarian. My initial reaction when Louis suggested this challenge was –ooh, ick, fatty bacon. But as the tasting neared, I must confess,
I was really looking forward to it, but with a twinge of guilt.

Louis presented a bottle of Chateau des Karantes Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape, sporting a label that declared this wine a 2010 Decanter World Wine Award winner.

The ruby red liquid definitely had a nice smokey nose and taste. The bacon flavor was just hinted at–certainly it was a nice wine, worthy of it’s award.

I thanked Louis and we had an interesting discussion about Reisling wines and how the German Wine Institute has tried to downplay the petrol descriptor–but that would be good for another blog!

After I left Big Red, it hit me–a desire for pancakes and home fries. Yes, the bacon taste was there, after all. This may become a descriptor I’ll look for in the future–a taste of bacon without the guilt. Thanks, Louis!

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