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Who would have thought back in 1971 when the first wine legislation was passed in Indiana that in the year 2012 there would be nearly 70 wineries in the state? This week, the number of wineries in Indiana will be one more closer to that 70 number.

Patti Clutter and her two sons will open Mystique Winery and Vineyards on November 17, three years after having planted such Indiana-friendly grapes as Niagara, Steuben, Vignoles, and Chambourcin. She told today’s issue of Drinks Business Review that she was inspired and helped by the “many small wineries in the state”

Grouped in what has been the Geat Lakes Region, Indiana is not generally thought of as a wine-producing state, in spite of its having been home to the first commercial winery in the United States toward the end of the last century. Today the 60-plus wineries in the state attract more than two million visitors annually and generate more than 33 mllion dollars in revenue for the state’s economy.

Hoosier wineries match the Hoosier motto, “Crossroads of America,” extending from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, from Fort Wayne to Evansville, and from Illinois to Ohio. No matter where you are in Indiana, chances are you will never be more than an hour’s drive from a vineyard.

Overall, 2012, in spite of challenging weather, has been a high quality vintage in the state, so with the harvest safely completed, it’s a good time to plan a Hoosier wine tour. Check out the website www.indianawines.org for up to date information about what’s going on in the wineries.

And best of luck to Mystique Winery and Vineyards. They are in Lynnville on State Highway 61 just a little northeast of Evansville.

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