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I should have known that Natalie MacLean would not be content just re-issuing a best-selling book or¬†merely letting it come out in paper back; she has added a chapter and put a whole new face on the enjoyment of wine. Amazon called Unquenchable one of its best sellers, but now it’s out in paperback.

In a video interview with her editor at Penguin Books, Natalie restates her belief in “justice and good wine for all” and tells why her new chapter in the paperback edition of Unquenchable calls for matching wine with books. While studying at Oxford, she explains, her professor, Jonathan Wordsworth (“descendent,” she adds), kept a bottle of sherry behind the books on his desk. Ever since, she has been fascinated with the idea of pairing books with wine. Which wine with which book or which author is abundantly clear in this new chapter.¬†“Pairing wine and food is so twentieth century,” she points out while citing the joys of wine at book club meetings.

None of this takes away from the original Unquenchable, still the best tome yet on finding the best inexpensive wines from around the world. Her stories take readers from Germany to Australia, from Niagara to the Mediterranean, and places in South America and South Africa. Her earlier book, Red, White, and Drunk All Over, was chosen as the Best Wine Literature Book in the English language at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, You Tube, Google, and, of course on her own web site, www.nataliemaclean.com. Unquenchable is one of those books that will pair with any wine.

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