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Having difficulty finding just the right gift for someone who has everything? How about a $3500 bottle of Port?

Taylor Fladgate, one of the oldest and most influential Port houses in the world, has made available a rare Port that might go nicely under your favorite wine enthusiast’s tree.

What makes this Port special is that it was made from grapes harvested in 1855 (before European vineyards were devastated by phylloxera) and aged for 150 years in wooden barrels.

The Port was stored in two casks in the cellar of a distinguished family in Douro, Portugal, and passed down for generations. A few years, ago, the last of the direct descendants passed away and the heirs decided to sell the casks to Taylor’s.

The Port has been bottled in hand-blown crystal decanters and packed in beautiful wooden boxes.

According to Adrian Bridge, Taylor’s Managing Director:

“Scion may be one of the last great representatives of a lost viticultural era. The Douro vineyards in pre-Phylloxera days were ungrafted and a different mix of varieties planted from those used today. This Port represents a rare piece of history and is an exciting and very unique offer for consumers.”

So, what does this rare liquid taste like? One wine expert described it as “complicated,” going on to include “coffee, treacle, mocha, dried yellow raisins, orange citrus, along with spice and nut overtones.” The texture on the palette was ironically described as being being similar to a well-aged fruit cake. See? The perfect Christmas gift!

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