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Two days after posting “Keeping Bad Company” last Saturday, a friend told me that the National Rifle Association has a wine club. I checked it out and found that you don’t have to belong to the NRA to be a member of its wine club.

Administered by Vinesse, a group that manages wine clubs for a great many other organizations and companies, the club promises wine selections backed by “a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.”  Its welcoming letter, signed by the NRA Executive Vice-President, points out that by joining you will “support the National Rifle Association and America’s Second Amendment rights.” Vinesse, as with all other organziations, shares a percentage of wine purchase profits with the NRA.

Because the NRA is recognized as one of the nation’s most powerful lobbying organizations, we can only hope that in its zeal to protect Constitutional rights, it will remind legislators of the Commerce Clause and convince them to allow for direct shipment of wines from producer to consumer in all the fifty states.

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