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Just when you think you have approached wine writing from every conceivable angle, along come Michelle Miller and my colleague Sue Sheldon. As you have seen in these pages, Sue has pointed out good  restaurant wine values according to the days of the week. It’s good for all of us to know that restaurateurs are learning that wine sold is better than wine stacked in cellars and have looked for ways to discount prices. It’s really handy to know which days or evenings a place schedules its discount program. Good for you, Sue.

Michelle, up north at her Cork and Cracker shop, has launched an intriguing program of featuring wines by the alphabet. Every two weeks Cork and Cracker will call attention to at least two wines with names that start with each letter of the alphabet — assuring that by year’s end she will have gone from A to Z. The alphabetical exercise will even extend to listing wine terms on the web site. Nice program, Michelle.

These ladies are on to something. Isn’t it gratifying to know when planning an evening out that you can find a place where that $50 bottle can be had for $25? Or that you can drop into a shop and get something you may never have heard of but at the end of the year your palate will have run the gamut of all 26 letters?

It may now be time for retailers and eateries to think about special offerings by grape varietal. Let’s call for a “Riesling” week, where every Riesling is offered on discount. Or Malbec or Paso Robles or Indiana or Pinot Noir. That would not only attract afficianados but also give us wine writers new material. Cheers!

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• Sue Shelden   |   January 31st, 2013 at 9:04 pm    

Absolutely, Ole! It might also help wine drinkers get out of the habit of choosing just the “house wine.” Thanks for the kind words–I’m in awe of your knowledge and experience!!!