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When trying to organize a get together with my lady friends, we will many times try to think of someplace that is offering special prices. I decided to compile a list of some of the wine specials at local eateries, organized by day of the week!

Everyday (unless specified):
Applebee’s–M-F: Happy Hour 3-6 1/2 price drinks
Chapman’s–M-F: Happy Hour 3:30-5
DeAngelo’s–Happy Hour 4-6
Gratzie!– Glasses of wine–$6 before 6:00 and after 8:00
Nadia’s Bistro–30% off any bottle of wine with coupon from website
Red Lobster–3-6 pm $4 glass of wine

Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse–$1.99 Mimosas
Crazy Horse–1/2 price wine
Macri’s–1/2 price wine
Scholar’s Inn–Brunch & Dinner 1/2 price Champagne Cocktails
Industry Night–30% discount to anyone in the restaurant industry

Macri’s–1/2 price wine
Scholars’ Inn–1/2 price on all bottles of wine under $100
Sweetgrass–1/2 price on selected bottles of wine

Coaches Bar & Grill–House wine $4 per glass
Eagle Pointe–1/2 price bottles of house wine, premium wine, $4 per
Gratzie!–30% off glasses and bottles of wine
Malibu Grill–Select bottles of wine–$12

Crazy Horse–1/2 price wine
DeAngelo’s–1/2 price wine
Sweetgrass–All bottles 1/2 price

Gratzie!–30% of glasses and bottles of wine
Kilroy’s–$3 for everything $6 and less

Much of this information was gleaned from web sites and does NOT include other alcoholic beverages. I apologize to anyplace I missed!

A shout-out for an upcoming event: King Creole’s Bayou Boogie will be at the Bloomington Convention Center on February 16, and is a fundraiser for the Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Here is the best part–“Unlimited food, beer and wine from BIRA restaurants, breweries and wineries. Ginormous shrimp/crawfish boil and live auction. Dance the night away to Curtis Jackson’s Motown Review.”

Tickets are $60 per person and are available at www.bctoffice or at the door.

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