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In Indiana I can buy an assault weapon on Sunday. In Indiana I cannot buy a bottle of wine on Sunday. Well, I can get the wine if I go to a winery or to a bar where I must consume it before I drive home. It may be true that I don’t really need to buy that bottle of wine on Sunday, but need has never been a factor in the purchase of an assault weapon, so the need argument just doesn’t cut it with me.

Hoosier legislators once again have to come to grips with the 21st century reality that their state is the only one left with a state-wide ban on liquor sales on Sunday. They will have to decide whether to allow or not to allow Sunday sales or to decide not to decide by letting a couple of bills die in committee. Whether the bills see the light of day and get ayed or nayed doesn’t detract from the pros and cons of Sunday sales.

Not many of us are left  us who can remember when no stores in Indiana (and most of the rest of the nation) were open on Sunday. It just wasn’t seemly to shop on Sunday. Even major league baseball had restrictions on Sunday games. So Sunday openings have a rich anbd lengthy history.

Some liquor retailers contend that Sunday sales would not cover their costs of being open on Sunday. Some supermarket managers and a few legislators contend that Sunday sales would bring in as much as $10 million annually.  A segment of our population believes that Sunday sales, especially in grocery stores, will lead to more underage acquisition and consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Representatives of “big box” stores believe that most customers want the convenience of getting their wine and beer on the second biggest shopping day of the week.

It’s far too early to predict how these bills will progress, but, as we wrote on January 19, wine keeps bad company with tobacco and firearms, but I can nonetheless buy tobacco and weapons on Sunday but not wine. Maybe wine just isn’t bad enough.

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