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I recently happened upon a recipe that combined two of my favorite drinks–Champagne & mojitos. This led me to look for some other wine cocktails. Two nice things about wine cocktails: one is that they are a little lighter than the traditional cocktails and the other is that the alcohol content is reduced, meaning you can drink them without worrying so much about over imbibing!

Here are three recipes that I like, just in time for Spring!

Champagne Mojito

Muddle four mint sprigs & 3 tsp. sugar with 2 T. lime juice. If muddle is a new word for you, it just means that you squish them together using a “muddler” or the back of a wooden spoon. Strain, and pour the bit of juice produced into a chilled Champagne glass. Fill the glass with chilled Champagne & garnish with a mint sprig.

Pinkies Up! This is from the Sutter Home website.

Combine 1 bottle of Pink Moscato with the juice of 2 limes & 2 cups of cranberry juice. Serve from a pitcher and garnish with lime slices.

The Oliver Winery website offered this as their March cocktail!

Tickle Me Peach

Layer 5 frozen peach slices in the bottom of a Collins glass. Blend 3 oz. of Oliver Peach Honey Wine with 3 oz. of orange juice. Pour into the glass and top with 4-5 oz. of Ginger Beer.

What a great way to welcome Spring, if it ever arrives!!!

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