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One thing I looked forward to revisiting on my recent trip to London was the Borough Market–an amazing collection of food and beverage vendors. This is Nirvana for epicureans of all levels.

I was especially interested in returning to a stall that specializes in English wines. The English produce really fine sparkling wines–the southern coast shares the same terroir as the Champagne region of France (I learned this originally from Ole!) Ridgeview Winery produces world-class sparkling wines that have won many prestigious awards. The Bloomsbury label is the real winner.

Another really fabulous wine is the Rubis Chocolate Wine. This is, of course, a dessert wine, good with cheesecakes, pastries, anything enhanced by chocolate nuances, but I could easily imagine serving this alone as the main after-dinner treat.

Another really impressive winery is Lyme Bay. I tried several of their wines. The Ginger wine was fabulous, and not so stodgy as I imagined it would be when drunk without the whiskey that I had been served in the earlier Whiskey Macs.

Lyme Bay Winery is located in Dorset, near one of my favorite little coastal towns, Lyme Regis. Many of their wines are fruity or flowery–they even have a mead wine. It was fascinating to try the crisp, pale colored Elderflower Wine and contrast it with the dark ruby color and deep complexity of the Elderberry Wine. Other possibilities are Nettle, Apple and Strawberry wines.

So, any of you who may be planning a trip to England–do NOT miss the Borough Market. You’ll love it!

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