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This is the first year that I’ve really paid attention to weather conditions and the resulting grape harvests. Last year we had an early spring and an untimely frost that threatened the local vineyards. Then came the crazy drought that reduced many crops to stubbles. Again, the grape harvest was in peril.

I wondered how last year’s grape crop would fare given those obstacles. Well, the results are in, at least for Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Traminette.

I was excited to get an email from Oliver Winery announcing the 2012 Traminette and decided to make a visit to the headquarters. It was a beautiful day and the gardens, alone, were worth the visit. The tasting room was packed and lots of people were outside enjoying their wine while drinking in the views from the terraces.

Hoosier Wine Cellar readers will already know that Traminette is the official wine of Indiana, so it was a relief to know that Oliver Winery managed to create this lovely wine from last year’s weather extremes. The harvest was actually purposefully reduced to create the sweetest, most flavorful results. And it is wonderful!

So, run, bike or drive to the winery and celebrate Spring! Let’s hope this year, the vintners all have an easier season! Happy Spring!

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