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The song says “If you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” I thought of that a couple days ago when the wine was poured in the far back seats on a Delta Transatlantic flight. I also remembered the words of one of my long-ago wine mentors: “The best wine is the one you have at the moment.”

I know that in the front of the plane Delta keeps a collection of some really good wines, but we wine writers sometimes have to squeeze into the back seats to save our funds for better wine when the ride is over.

Bistro Mondo  is poured from plastic quart-sized bottles suggestive of milk cartons. I suspect my choices were Chardonnay and Merlot, but I could not see the labels nor identify by taste. They really were not unpleasant drinks, but they could not save the dismal bill of fare passing for dinner.

However, by pushing my feet as far under the seat in front of me and recognizing my imprisonment in a very confined space, I realized that these wines had value. They were neither oaky nor tannic, and they contained alcohol. They bemused  me for the better part of an hour and eased me into a sleep-like trance for another hour or so. They did their job.

I suspect I will see Bistro Mondo on the return flight, but a fortnight of the good stuff will have raised my tolerance level. Anything to ease a cramped nine-hour plane ride is most welcome.

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