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Lovers of all things Hoosier should rush out to get a copy of “KENTUCKIANA ROADS – A Freidenkers Story of Life in America’s Flyover Middle.” It’s by my good friend Richard Hofstetter, owner of the Story Inn and, in fact, the whole village of Story from which much of this historical and hysterical volume originates. Full disclosure: Rick has generously and we hope wisely dedicated the book to my wife and me and is kind enough to weave his winely portions around some of our adventures together.

Released this month by Algora Publishing of New York, a company specializing in non fiction “for the nonplussed,” the book’s 210 pages take you through the unique cultures of those who live where Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana come together and however much the three have in common it’s their quirky distinctions that make for compelling reading. It’s hard to believe that open space, farmland, forests, hills, and rivers centered between three enormous state universities can divulge so much about an otherwise forgotten and overlooked civilization.

There are chuckles on every page as we learn how the political parties work (or don’t), how the Bible Theme Park thrives among the distilleries and meth labs, and how clapboard churches get involved in a blessing for Harleys.

April 1 is Election Day in Story, the day when the place installs into office its only elected official — The Village Idiot, who will serve for one year. It’s said that when Millard Fillmore signed the land-grant for Dr. Story he said only an idiot would want to live out there. Hofstetter is the first to confess that Story is the only place that admits it elects an idiot.

But the book is no April Fool’s prank, and wine lovers will get an inside look at how the Indiana Wine Fair was born. KENTUCKIANA is available from Amazon and other on-line book sellers.  Hard cover: $31.95, soft cover $21.95, e-book $21.95. ISBN: 978-1-62894-267-5 (soft); 978-1-62894- 268-2 (hard); 978-1-62894- 269-9 (e-book). Enjoy!

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