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The 1851 Society
With Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson
April 5, 2010
If you ever wanted to lounge in a London Club like the Arts Club frequented by Somerset Maugham, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy or where Jules Verne started his tale “Around the World in 80 Days,” the members-only 1851 Society, linked to the Story Inn (one of our sponsors) may be just right for you.

The 1851 Society, and its many affiliates around the world, is primarily a social club for fostering “enlightened conversation while enjoying fine wine and food.” It’s a good fit for Story, because the village-turned-hospitality-destination was founded in 1851 and remains the most authentic pre-Civil War town in the Midwest.

Story 1851 will offer members special dining arrangements, an exclusive wine list and bar privileges, and a designated clubhouse as well as reciprocal access to related clubs around the world and throughout the USA.

To learn more, watch the video to hear Rich McClelland, Secretary of the Society, and Rick Hofstetter, proprietor of the Story Inn, tell about the 1851 Society and its many benefits. You can find additional information on the Story Inn website – The Society will also have a membership booth at the Indiana Wine Fair in Story on April 24.

Be sure to watch the video at top right featuring Dr. Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson with Rich McClelland, 1851 Society secretary & Rick Hofstetter, owner of the Story Inn, Story, IN »