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Vineyard summers
With Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson
July 9, 2010
You have probably been following – or at least aware of – the reports out of Bordeaux concerning the 2009 vintage. This piece is not about Bordeaux, but it is about our fascination with vintage. Too many of us look at the vintage year on a label and base a decision to buy or not to buy based on the harvest date. Too bad. There is a lot of good wine produced in years that are not hyped in the professional literature.

It’s also too bad that we focus our attention mostly on the harvest, because the quality of that harvest is due in very large part to what happens to the grapes during the entire growing season. That’s why we go out periodically to the vineyards throughout the season to discuss with the producers just what they and the weather are doing in winter, spring, and summer, to get ready for the fall harvest.

Watch the video to see for yourself how busy spring and summer vineyard work can be at Oliver Winery in northwest Monroe County near Bloomington, Indiana.

Be sure to watch the video at top right featuring Dr. Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson and Bernie Parker, vineyard manager for Oliver Winery, Bloomington, IN »