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Final 2012 Indiana wine fair judging results
April 27, 2012

Dry Red

Gold: Harmony Winery, Malbec, NV (89 POINTS)

Silver: Huber Winery, Heritage 2008

Bronze: Oliver Winery, Zinfandel 2009

Sweet Red

Gold: Best Vineyards, Concord NV 87 POINTS

Silver: Indian Creek Winery, "Cardinal Red" NV

Bronze: River City Winery, "Colonel's Legacy" NV


Gold: Huber Winery, Catawba NV (BEST OF SHOW, 98 POINTS)

Silver: Brown County Winery, "Vista Rose" NV

Bronze: Monkey Hollow, "Pasture Limit" NV

Dry White

Gold: Huber Winery, Vignoles (88 POINTS)

Silver: Cedar Creek Winery, "Butterfly Kiss" NV

Bronze: Turtle Run Winery, Traminette NV

Sweet White

Gold: Oliver Winery, Creekbend, Vignoles 2010 (88 POINTS)

Silver: Best Vineyards, Catawba NV

Bronze: Buck Creek Winery, "Der Champion" NV


Gold: Chateau Pomije, "Late Harvest" NV (86 POINTS)

Silver: Huber Winery, Black Raspberry

Bronze: Cedar Creek, "Harvest Moon Cab" NV


Gold: Winzerwald Winery "Cherry Red" (96 POINTS)

Silver: River City Winery, "Market House Elderberry"

Bronze: Cedar Creek Winery, "Peach Paradise"

Tasters' notes: The big surprise of the day was the Catawba from Huber Winery, which was delightfully crisp, fruity and dry "highly suggestive of Provence" according to Ole Olson, the "Pontiff of Palate". The "Vista Rose" from Brown County was a very close second in this category, earning enough points to eclipse gold medal winners in other categories. "These are refreshing wines to enjoy on a hot summer day" decrees the Pontiff.

The Huber Catawba received a 98 point score, the best in show, and recognition as "Indiana's Own" for being grown in the Hoosier state.