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Summer wines
With Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson
July 10, 2009

Summer at last is coming to Indiana, and summer in this part of the Midwest can be stiflingly hot and very humid. It is very conducive to beer consumption. But it is also conducive to patio dinners, cook-outs, and picnics. Even if dinner is indoors or at a restaurant, there is always desire and a need for an appropriate wine.

We will never advise against drinking one of your robust Cabernets on a hot July day, but we can suggest some wines that may bring greater satisfaction on such days and evenings.

On hand in the video is Brad Wallace, Director of Fine Wine at Sahara Mart in Bloomington, to show us his ideas of suitable wines for summer enjoyment.

Be sure to watch the video at right featuring Dr. Allen Dale 'Ole' Olson and Brad Wallace, director of fine wine at Sahara Mart, Bloomington, IN »