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Tisdale Chocolate Red Wine

2: Intermediate wine drinker
Reviewed on:
excellent flavor balance, excellent wine for those who don't like wine, rich unique flavor, very affordable as you are learning new wines+++
Could have a bit more complex flavor
This is a must try for novice wine connoisseur. It is a semi-sweet red with unmistakable dark cherry flavors and deep dark chocolate undertones. I picked this up in a value bin at my local wine shop just to give something new a try and was very pleasantly surprise. This is definitely a wine for people who don't think they like wine. For the price, this is excellent. Actually, for any price this is a great wine, especially for those just getting introduced to wine. It is a nice gateway wine that will ease your palate into more sophisticated flavor appreciation. I have a hard time finding fault with this wine but could say it lacks complexity of other more seasoned wines. I read another online reviewer who claimed this wine tasted just like a "cherry tootsie pop". Strange, I hadn't noticed. So, I took another sip with this comparison in mind and sure enough, it actually did remind me of that, but thankfully not as syrupy sweet and a lot more sophisticated.